Chapter 1 (RoP)

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Well, this is my first chapter on this blog. The whole story is completed on my second blog, but only in slovak language. I will put here a new chapter each Friday evening (at least I'll try), but I have a lot of work to do, so nothing is sure. Enjoy the first chapter:)

On one beautiful autumn nightfall with a sun, sinking behind a horizon, there were three figures rushing down the hill on Hogwarts surroundings. Wherever they were going, they must almost struggle with piles of fallen leaves, coloured into all hues - red, yellow, orange and somewhere still - shining green. There was still a sun on the sky, bathing in the lovely flaming colour, and not even one cloud. Although it was just six o'clock, the shadows were lengthening and the air was becoming colder - a night was coming and figures, heading towards the Hagrid's hut, knew, that if they don't hurry up, the night will catch them on their way.
Harry, Ron and Hermione wanted to see Hagrid before the Halloween party starts. Their day started with a pleasant visit of Hogsmeade, which was later unfortunately ruined - someone almost killed their classmate and friend Kate with a cursed necklace. Harry had his suspicion and didn't let anyone to refute it - nor Ron, which was looking quite unsure, when he has to vindicate his enemy, nor Hermione couldn't convince him, that he's wrong.
"Harry, I'm repeating, you don't have any proofs, that Malfoy did it - and besides, I think it's a total nonsense. Why would he do such serious crime to Katie? Katie even doesn't know Malfoy properly; only from quidditch matches. But I hope neither you two think, that Malfoy desires for Slytherin's win in quidditch tournament that much."
Harry violently shook his head, but didn't give up his opinion. "Don't forget, Hermione, Katie said, that she has to deliver it to someone - what if Malfoy wanted to kill that person?"
Hermione rubbed her forehead. "I don't know, Harry, but I really don't like this. You are saying that Malfoy as we know him - that little cowardly jerk - wanted to kill someone? And whom, by the way? OK, we know, that he hates for example Dumbledore - but personally, I think that he hates you more, Harry. If he would want to kill someone, why it wouldn't be you? And, then, if it was you, why wouldn't Katie turned back and gave it directly to you? Why would Malfoy take a risk, that his necklace will be found and his plan will fail? Maybe he would killed Filch, but it wouldn't go further and the person he wanted to kill would be still alive. It would just starts investigation and a lot of people would come here - maybe it would even cause more strict controls to prevent another similar situation," Hermione was speculating loudly.
"Malfoy hates a lot of people and maybe he does wish some of them death, but could he really commit it? No, I don't think this is a likeliest possibility," Ron involved in their conversation and jump over a few followings stairs. "I hate Snape, but do I want to kill him? Probably not."
Harry a little desperately kicked to a leaves pile in front of him. He watched as they are all blowed away by a gentle wind and along with it, he was thinking about Katie's mysterious injury. On that necklace, beautiful and yet so lethal, was put a curse. And Malfoy was interested by it. On the other hand, McGonagall said, that he wasn't in Hogsmeade - besides, a necklace was given to Katie in the woman's toilet. All can be explained, but firstly, they must let Harry speak - however, neither his best friends, and absolutely not his teachers have any intend to do it.
Finally, they got to Hagrid. The lighting in his hut was on, so their friend was certainly at home. They even heard Fang's barking from inside.
They knocked and after a short while, a figure of gamekeeper appeared in the door.
"Ar, it's yeh, lot," he smiled at them with a kindly smile, which reflected in his eyes, "git in fast, or else yeh'll be ill - it's quite chill out there in tha evenin'," he let them in and then shut the door.
They were all greeted by Fang - Hagrid's on the first look frightful, but in fact peaceful dog.
"Well, what brin' yeh here?" Hagrid was still smiling at them and pouring tea into four prepared cups.
"You already know, what happened to Katie, don't you? Actually, where did you go with her, when I showed her to you?" Harry asked curiously.
Hagrid's face became more serious and the half - giant frowned. "I ran with her into tha castle. In ter courtyard I met some four - year, maybe fifth - year students, so I sen' 'em ter a headmaster. Only later I heard, that headmaster is actually 'way. He's lat'ly 'way somewhat often, but I'm sur' that he has a good reason," a wrinkle appeared around his mouth. "So I took her to Mad'm Pomfrey, 'course, she managed with all - she knew wha' is needed. I helped her to tie Katie ter a bed, 'cause if she moved, she could hur' herself - people und'r a curse are dang'rous mostly to 'emselfs," he sighed. "When she finally calmed her down, so she wasn' movin', she called ter Mungo, I guess, 'cause after a shor' while there came some guys an' they took tha girl with 'em."
"And didn't they mention something about who gave her that necklace? Will there be an investigation?" Harry was trying to learn more.
Hagrid shrugged. "'course they won' let it be. That would be something, if someone was cursin' students without punishment, fer cryin' out loud! I think, that they already did some steps - don't yeh see that aurors, that are standin' near every exit from school? Tha Ministry sen' maybe thirty of 'em - I mighta never seen so much o' them tergether. Besides, they cancel trips ter Hogsmeade..."
"Oh, no, I haven't bought any presents," Ron moaned.
"Ron, the safety o' students is more importan' an' Dumbledore had to assure, that nuthin' like this happens in tha future. It won' happen in ter Hogwarts, 'course, here is a lot o' security provisions, not like in tha Hogsmeade, there is jus' a bunch o' scared villagers, not aurors or protective charms." Hagrid was solemnly nodding his head, while serving some stone cakes on plates.
"Hagrid, but they can't close the school, can they?" Hermione asked, terrified.
Hagrid was thinking for a while. "I think that no, Hermione. In Hogwarts, nuthin' can happen to 'em - but some parents don't understand that. If half o' students leave tha school, maybe they would change ter headmaster." When he saw their shocked looks, he quickly added. "But this won' happen, don' worry. A lot o' people still believe Dumbledore an' yeh, Harry - they believe that yeh can protect 'em."
Harry felt like something grabbed his heart and squeeze it. How can he protect someone, when he can't even protect himself? Every year he weaves into a deadly adventure, which he survives just thanks to a big amount of luck, not ability. How could he want to protect someone?
"But, we have here somethin' happier - Halloween party. Com'on, I show yeh somethin', but shh," Hagrid touched his mouth with a raised finger and put on a look of importance. He aimed out through a side entrance and Harry, Ron and Hermione followed him with a raising curiosity. Firstly, it looked, that he was going into the forest, but when Harry wanted to ask him, where he is leading them, he turned left. Trio immediately recognized place, where Hagrid each year raises his pumpkins for Halloween party - at this time, nearly before celebration, he usually have them already whittled and warehoused in secured room, unseen to anyone before the party. That's why Harry was surprised, when he took them there. Hagrid opened the door with his pink umbrella and let them go in. Then he closed the door behind them. Harry was nictitating into the dark, because the sun has already set, to see something, but he saw nothing. The room seemed to be empty.
"An' now prepare yerself," Hagrid told them loudly and then light up the candle, "fer this!" he shouted.
Harry stood breathless, when he saw, what was leaned to a wall - there was a giant man of straw, around two times higher than Harry. Instead of head, it had a big pumpkin, apparently the biggest, that Hagrid has ever grown, with carved openings to it, that were symbolizing eyes, nose and mouth. Except of this, it was made from straw and wood, indurated with some charm.
"It's gorgeous, innit?" Hagrid was bursted with it. The size of scarecrow wasn't a problem for him - it was tall like him.
"What is it for, actually? We never had a scarecrow for a Halloween party before," Ron was interested. He circled a man of straw, with eyes steadfasted on big pumpkin. "He's terrifying," he summed up, full of admiration and softly whistled.
"Jus' wait, lot, I bet that yeh won' forget on this Halloween that easily," Hagrid chuckled. "Yeh will have the jitters, I s'pposed. But don' ask me more, 'cause I won' tell yeh anythin'," he added, when he saw Ron's enquiring look.
Harry was really curious, what Hagrid actually plans to do - because his plans were usually dangerous. But he didn't want to inquire him, even though Hagrid would tell them at last, although he wouldn't want to. But this wasn't as in the first class, when they needed to know, what protects the Philosopher's stone, was it? This was just a harmless celebration, which Hagrid wanted to make special this year.
However, Ron and Hermione had different plans.
"And the headmaster knows about this, Hagrid? This can't be dangerous, can it?" Hermione was interested, while looking at the scarecrow with a frown.
These questions cooled Hagrid's enthusiasm a little, for what Harry became lightly angry at Hermione, but he still answered. "It's all agreed with the headmaster, don' worry, Hermione. He actually s'ggested this, so this cannot be dangerous."
"But what will this scarecrow do? When it will just stand like this, it won't scare anyone," Ron softly poked the man of straw. Nothing happened, so he, full of disappointment, tightens his hand back.
Sooner as Hagrid could answer, Harry interfered into their conversation.
"We should go now," he said loudly, in order to force his friend to let Hagrid alone. "We must prepare for that party. Bye, Hagrid, we'll come here again," they leaved and already in the darkling, they were returning back to highlighted castle.
A moon was slightly lightening their journey, covered by leaves, so none of the three friends did notice two red-haired figures, forcing their way to Hagrid's storage room, in which he had a man of straw. The party starts after less than half an hour and will continue until the midnight - but no one knows, that the terrible Halloween's night won't end up till next few days.

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1 larkinh larkinh | E-mail | 10. listopadu 2012 v 11:58 | Reagovat

Je to dobrá angličtina, i když podle mého názoru ti tam pár chybek proniklo - podívám se na to během týdne a pošlu ti to. Můžeš mi kdyžtak napsat email na tebe?

2 Altheda Altheda | Web | 10. listopadu 2012 v 13:40 | Reagovat

[1]: Tak mi to potom pošli prosím na e-mail

3 Vera Vera | Web | 11. listopadu 2012 v 1:42 | Reagovat

Well, I Admire you! Definitely! I've a big problem with english and I can't imagine writting stories in this lanuage! Your the best! you know that? :D

4 Altheda Altheda | Web | 11. listopadu 2012 v 8:45 | Reagovat

[3]: Thank you for this joke:) I am still learning, because our English teacher is... well, let's say that she doesn't teach very good. And I believe you would do it, if you try it - it just needs a little practise:)

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